Eurapon, Bremen

Mail order pharmacy

Growth welcomed

New Eurapon warehouse equipped with META shelving

Eurapon 01

Eurapon mail-order pharmacy, Bremen, Germany


As well as the physical pharmacies, this business is expanding with online sales of medication. To cope with the increasing sales of prescription and over-the-counter medication, a larger warehouse was required.
Eurapon, Bremen

Eurapon 06
The two-tier META QUICK racking system has 4400 shelves for storing medication in smaller packages.

Project details

Object: Eurapon mail-order pharmacy
Size of warehouse: 48437,6 square feet.
META products installed: 2-tier META CLIP multi-tier system with 4400 shelves
META MULTIPAL pallet racking system with 1760 storage positions
Steelwork platform with transfer station and load elevator, load up to 1102,31 lbs /m²

The task


As well as two physical pharmacies, Kubilay Talu operates a mail-order pharmacy. The existing storage space was no longer sufficient. Roselius Logistiksysteme developed the new logistics concept with a focus on growth. The facility is designed to hold 3600 different items, with the aisles wide enough for two people to work side by side. The sustainable focus of the project made it important for the entire facility to be illuminated with energy-saving LED lighting controlled by motion detectors. Today, an average of 14,000 packets leave the warehouse every week.

Eurapon, Bremen

Rack boxes provide structure and facilitate removal of the products.
META Eurapon Bremen 02
Logistics planner Roselius and the customer decided together on the META MULTIPAL pallet racking system, which has a total of 1760 storage positions for larger parts.

Customer statement


“META was extremely flexible, which meant that planning, assembly, and commissioning all ran without any problems,” confirms Klaus Roselius.
“Our vision is to be one of the top five mail-order pharmacies in Germany within the next ten years,” says Kemal Talu, Managing Director of Eurapon Pharmahandel GmbH.