ID Logistics, Frankfurt

New e-commerce logistics centre

Impressive e-commerce solution

The four-storey META picktower is an important module in ID Logistics' new logistics centre

The international contract logistics firm ID Logistics has commissioned a new e-commerce logistics centre covering an area of 430556,42 square feet in the Limes inter-communal business park. When it came to the required picktower, an important subcomponent acting as the basis for the logistics chain, ID Logistics relied on a large four-storey multi-tier racking system from META-Regalbau.

META ID Logistics 1

Project data

Object: ID Logistics, Limes industrial estate (Frankfurt North-East)
META products installed: META CLIP four-storey racking system
+ META steel construction solution

Task description

The French-based company, which employs more than 20,000 people worldwide, has invested several million Euros in the new e-commerce logistics centre in the Limes inter-communal business park - just off the A45 motorway. In order to store goods flexibly in a comprehensive picktower ID Logistics relied on the expertise and the e-commerce solution provided by META-Regalbau. In recent years, the Arnsberg warehousing technology expert has made a name for itself in the field of equipping e-commerce warehouses, with well-known providers in the field of e-commerce already relying on META warehousing technology and project management in their warehouse equipment.


META ID Logistics 3
The META steel construction solution in combination with the META CLIP multi-tier system.
META ID Logistics 7
One of the staircases created in the four-storey META CLIP multi-tier system.

Shelves for different goods

In the new four-storey picktower on a floor space of around 89340,46 square feet, the goods are stored and picked manually by pickers. Almost 50,000 shelves were installed in this impressive facility. Approximately 74,000 compartment dividers ensure optimal and flexible separation of goods, resulting in over 100,000 storage bins on completion.
The choice of XXL shelves ensures maximum storage flexibility and even goods requiring large areas can be stored in the new racking system.

In addition to the racking based on the META CLIP system, at the heart of the planning and the project configuration of META lay the connection of several integrated goods lifts, the installation of six pallet transfer stations based on swing locks and the steel construction adapted to the hall construction including staircases.

META ID Logistics 9
Exterior view of the new e-commerce logistics centre

Customer statement

"The experience of our suppliers and partners also plays an important role in such a comprehensive project," explains Robin Otto, Commercial Vice President of ID Logistics. "In particular when it comes to planning, project configuration and the ongoing execution you benefit from the additional external expertise."