Schuh und Sport Mücke, Scheßlitz-Ost

Logistics Center

Oversized shoe cupboard

META equips new Schuh Mücke logistics centre with shelving technology

META Schuh Muecke 01

Central warehouse for shoes

Schuh und Sport Mücke GmbH has a total of 14 locations in Bavaria. The retail company offers approx. 80,000 pairs of shoes from various brand manufacturers as well as clothing for men and women per store. The company also has various accessories in its range. In order to store this variety of articles in a structured way and to bundle them in one place, Schuh Mücke now combines the 14 decentralised warehouses at the Scheßlitz-Ost location. The new 107639,1 square feet logistics centre was equipped with shelving technology from the Arnsberg-based manufacturer META. On an additional 21527,82 quare feet there are offices for the administration. A total of 160 employees work in purchasing, administration and logistics at the Scheßlitz-Ost location. With its own fleet of vehicles, Schuh Mücke supplies all branches quickly and efficiently from the central warehouse.

The retail company Schuh und Sport Mücke with headquarters in Scheßlitz belongs to the ANWR Group. From the new central warehouse, all 14 branches are supplied with the company's own vehicle fleet. The company has a total of 500,000 pairs of shoes from renowned manufacturers in its product range. Schuh und Sport Mücke GmbH currently employs approximately 750 people.


META Schuh Muecke 05
META CLIP was installed on an area of 26909,78 square feet. The installation extends over three levels.

Project Details

Object: shoe mosquito logistics center
warehouse size: 107639,1 square feet.
Used META products: META CLIP three-storey shelving system
Installation time: 6 weeks

The Task

After an analysis by the Fraunhofer Institute regarding the flow of goods, the construction of a new central warehouse on the 258333,85 square feet site turned out to be the ideal solution for shoes and sports mosquitoes. The new administration and logistics centre was put into operation after a planning and construction period of about two and a half years. A flexible shelving system was required to store shoes and sports equipment in cartons and hanging garments. 
The floor area of the floor system is 26909,78 square feet (3385,83 inch x 1141,73 inch). A total of 18,500 shelves were installed in the facility. It serves as an after-supply and seasonal buffer store for 370,000 pairs of shoes. Measuring 52.362 inch x 15.748 inch, the shelves used are ideal for storing the shoe boxes. Clothes stands were used in the shelving system to store the hanging goods.
The planners of the Fraunhofer Institute designed the division of the warehouse in such a way that the shelving system has no direct contact with a hall wall, but allows access from all sides. This simplifies the working routes for the employees. All levels can be reached quickly via several staircases. The goods are picked using an elevator and hand-guided transport equipment. Barcodes on the shelves identify the various storage locations. Shoes, clothing and accessories are then sorted and packed at tables.


The new logistics centre at the Scheßlitz site brings together all previously decentralised warehouses.
META Schuh Muecke 03
Udo Bauer, logistics manager at Schuh und Sport Mücke, is pleased about the new central warehouse with modern rack technology.

Customer statement

"We are very happy about the positive development of Schuh Mücke in the last ten years. Due to this enormous growth was a modern logistics unabdingbar″, says managing director Thomas Mücke.

"With the new shelving system, we have optimised our work processes many times over. META's complete package is simple in terms of planning, shelf technology and assembly: gepasst″, says Udo Bauer, Logistics Manager at Schuh Mücke.