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Technology Supplies Ltd. was founded 30 years ago by two technology and design teachers to equip schools and universities with material for the new curriculums within these subjects. Today, the company has an outstanding reputation within this sector and represents quality and service through the UK and overseas.
TSL is a leading provider for schools and universities of a wide range of equipment, including tools, materials, and resources within the fields of design & technology, CAD / CAM, textiles, and food technology.

A total of 177165,4 linear inch of shelves were installed.

Project details

Object: TSL logistics center
META products installed: META QUICK shelving systems
META MULTISTRONG M cantilever racking system

The task

The Shrewsbury warehouse can receive any number of deliveries a day from the company’s 275 various suppliers, and dispatches ordered goods to over 4500 regular customers. With over 3000 orders a month, 3800 packages and 50 pallets are shipped every month.
To ensure the logistics for this, a special logistics concept was required. An integrated solution of dynamic storage systems (DSS) with pallet racking systems, steel shelves, cantilever racks, and storage space for hazardous materials ensures that Technology Supplies Limited has optimum utilization of space and efficient picking processes. The DSS solution was designed to ensure that the available space was put to optimum use, that picking could occur quickly, and that there was sufficient capacity for future expansion.


Many types of flat materials are stored here, such as cardboard, paper, and plastic, and also long metal objects as well as flat and angle irons, rods, and pipes.
QUICK cabinets with wire sides and backs are used for the secure storage of various potentially “hazardous” products such as paints, adhesives, and solvents. The back and sides of these cabinets are composed of grids to avoid vapour mists, and the shelves are perforated to route any escaping liquids into designated trays at the bottom of each cabinet.

Customer Statement

"Our storage and picking facilities must be first class if we are to meet the complex requirements of our customers," says Ian Vaughan, Operations Manager of Technology Supplies.