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New distribution center for trans-o-flex

trans-o-flex weinheim

Logistics services

Outsourcing solutions for logistics services are in demand. More and more companies are choosing to place their storage, packing, picking, and packaging in the hands of specialists. Founded in 1971, trans-o-flex Schnell-Lieferdienst GmbH & Co. KG in Weinheim, Germany, is one of the leading combi-freight service providers for parcel and pallet shipments. The portfolio includes professional full-service warehouse management.
With over 100 employees at six locations, trans-o-flex offers its customers tailored warehouse management.
The new warehouse is being used exclusively to store promotional material for the pharmaceuticals industry and promotional sales products, with around 2000 pharmaceutical reps receiving regular deliveries from the distribution center. At peak times, 1400 shipments with 2500 packages leave the warehouse every day.

META MULTIPAL Pallet Racking

The pallet racking store is designed for 9000 pallets.

Project details

Object: Distribution center
Size of warehouse: 5000 m²
META products installed: META MULTIPAL S pallet racking system
META steelwork platform with two-tier META CLIP shelving system

The task

The facility originally had four bays. These bays were gutted, the partitions were removed, and the floor was stabilized. The planning objective was to shorten routes and increase the storage area.
In practice, the pallet racking system provides direct access to the access stations of the multi-tier system. The benefits of this system are the quick access and simple arrangement of transfer points.




META Structural steel platform with Multi-tier shelving system

The 860 m² platform and 72 props support a two-tier shelving system with 5000 shelves.

Peter Astor, Customer Solutions department and Rainer Dalecke, Operations Management

Customer statement

“In META we have found a fulfillment provider that not only ideally meets the concept requirements but takes time to refine details and constantly develops suggestions for improvement until the result ensures perfectly streamlined processes,” says Rainer Dalecke as he describes the collaboration with META.
“The 3-week installation time was outstanding. From the very first day, each of the six or so fitters knew what they had to do – everything went without a hitch,” says Operations Manager Dalecke.

trans-o-flex weinheim meta clip fachboden geschossanlage

The multi-tier shelving system integrated into the steelwork system platform is 4.2 m high with an aisle load of 350 kg and a bay load of 1000 kg.

trans-o-flex weinheim meta clip fachbodengeschssanlage

The platform is made from hot-rolled steel profiles with a total of 72 props, 1720 m² of chipboard, and 278 light fittings. The integrated materials handling technology consists of conveyor belts running through all three levels.