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Efficient storage for the expert in air-conditioning and heating technology

Remko Klimatechnik wärmetechnik lage

The hot and cold expert

The hot and cold expert
Be it air conditioners, pool dehumidifiers, hot-air heating systems, or inverter heat pumps – the range offered by Remko is constantly growing. But each new product brings around 50 spare parts and accessories with it, and they need to be available for several years. Founded in 1976, the company primarily sells seasonal products such as construction-site heaters; this means it is vital to ensure that technical and service partners receive genuine spare parts quickly.
An expert in air-conditioning and heating technology, the Remko headquarters are situated next to a customer center and also a new spare-parts warehouse. To bring all these sections together efficiently, this manufacturer of air-conditioning systems, heating systems, and heat pumps combines a dynamic racking system with a stationary one. 

META HIGH-CLIP Multi-tier shelving system

The three-tier META HIGH-CLIP shelving system and the META MULTIBLOC mobile pallet racking system provide space for a total of 8000 spare parts.

Product details

Object: Remko spare-parts center
Size of warehouse: 875 m²
META products installed: META MULTIBLOC mobile pallet racking system
META HIGH-CLIP tiered shelving system

The task

The overriding aim of the new plan was to incorporate as many items as possible in the new hall. At the same time, it was important to obtain an optimum balance between staff deployment and picking time.
The two warehouse employees retrieve between 500 and 2000 items per day. Incoming goods goes through around ten processes per day. During the winter, demand is primarily for heater parts, while in summer the focus is on air conditioning. These fluctuating seasonal requirements are the reason behind opting for random storage, where individual items have no fixed storage position but are flexible in their storage location depending on the access height and the type of item. The range of Remko spare parts contains individual components covering a vast variety of sizes. This meant that a racking system was required that offers efficient storage of both large parts such as compressors and small parts such as nozzles.

META MULTIBLOC Mobile Pallet Racking

When the rack rows of the META MULTIBLOC mobile rack are completely pushed together, an aisle is left free for accessing the spare parts. 

Stephan Schlüter, Commercial Director at Remko (left) and Martin Hitzfeld, Area Manager at META

Customer statement

“We’ve worked with META for years and the collaboration was as successful as ever. We issued clear requirements for the warehouse setup in advance, and received useful feedback from META during the planning phase,” says Stephan Schlüter, Commercial Director at Remko.

The basis of the META MULTIBLOC mobile pallet racking system is 32 meter-long running and guide rails, which were positioned before the base was cast. Arranged on six carriages, the 15 meter-long rack elements glide along the rails at the push of a button. Each of the carriages bears and moves a load of up to 120 tonnes. The elements of the mobile pallet racking system move at a speed of 4.5 meters per minute and carefully dock against rubber buffers on the neighboring rack row. As only one aisle is required for stocking or removal, the racking can be pushed together. This increases warehouse capacity and thus Remko efficiency.

The three-tier META HIGH-CLIP shelving system makes optimum use of the almost seven-meter room height. With 1300 shelves over four double rack rows and two single rack rows, the entire system supports a bay load of 2.2 tonnes with 5000 storage positions.