META equips new Niemann-Laes logistics center

A new home for industrial products

Industriebedarf Niemann-Laes, Lüneburg

The partner of industry

Specialist industrial dealer Niemann-Laes has been offering a broad range of products for industry and trade since 1987. The main focus is on occupational safety, machinery, tools, and drive technology. There are 25 employees at the headquarters in Lüneburg, Germany.

META MULTIPAL Pallet Racking

The META MULTIPAL pallet racking system is 7.5 m high and used for the secure storage of large parts and products on pallets in large quantities. 

Project details

Object: Logistics center with display area
Size of warehouse: 1700 m²
Construction time: 3 weeks
META products installed: META MULTIPAL pallet racking system with 1620 storage positions
Three-tier META CLIP shelving system for 10,000 items

The task

The aim of the new building was to shorten employee routes and optimize the internal material flow. As a large number of products are on hand in the new warehouse, the company is able to react swiftly to customer requirements: short delivery times can now be relied on. 

META CLIP Multi-tier shelving system

The tiered shelving system is used to store a wide range of items for industrial requirements and occupational safety, from machines and tools through to clothing and ear protection.

Happy with the optimized material flow (from left): Christian Engel, Area Manager at META and Philipp Mitzscherlich, Managing Director of Niemann-Laes Industriebedarf. 

Customer statement

Managing Director Philipp Mitzscherlich: “We had to replan some elements during the planning and also during the three-week installation phase; META responded to our needs with speed and flexibility.” 

The customers can view the logistics area from the showroom.

The explosion-protected hazardous goods store is used to store items labeled with a hazardous goods symbol.