META equips new Wollschläger logistics center with racking technology

Wollschläger Bochum

The Wollschläger Group

The Group is a modern trading, technology, and services company and a leading systems provider within materials handling. As well as Wollschläger GmbH & Co. KG, the Group includes the Hommel Group. Based in Bochum, Germany, Wollschläger is a family company with an international presence. With over 85,000 precision tools and C-class items and their 15,000-plus brand items, the company has one of the broadest product ranges in the industry.

META CLIP Shelving system

The flexible META CLIP shelving system is extremely versatile, allowing quick and easy reactions to changes in range.

Project details

Object: Wollschläger logistics center in Bochum
Size of warehouse: 28,000 sq. m for over 50,000 items, covering the rental and equipment service, a workshop plus two data centers, mechanical engineering, and a sales branch
META products installed: Three-tier META CLIP shelving system (7500 mm high) with 18,850 150 kg shelves for 80,000 storage positions with enclosed frames and back walls in two blocks.
In between these is a three-tier META steelwork platform with built-in conveyor technology, and an approx. 1000 sq. m all-round storage platform with a foreman’s office integrated into the first upper tier.
Five stair towers
META MULTIPAL narrow-aisle store with approx. 11,000 storage positions and 100 transition positions plus a META MULTIPAL wide-aisle store (10 double-rack rows)

The task

On average, 7500 order items leave the warehouse every day, with 10% heading to other countries. The existing location no longer had sufficient capacity for the desired growth.
The overall concept was developed with the Fraunhofer IML in Dortmund. The Wollschläger project team coordinated the various tasks – new warehouse technology, conveyor technology, and warehouse management system. Quick reactions to changes were necessary across the board. The supplies provided by META included 70,000 labels for the storage positions.



META MULTIPAL Pallet Racking

L-R: Elmar Dolle, Volker Nielsen

Customer statement

“It was particularly due to the flexibility of META-Regalbau that we managed to get the entire project right on target,” says Volker Nielsen, Head of Logistics and member of the management board.
“A project of this size requires specialist companies that can supply such systems and accessories quickly and in custom-fit conditions.”

The clear overview of the small-parts storage enables Wollschläger to offer short delivery times for online trade.

The META MULTIPAL pallet racking system offers plenty of storage space for tools and machines.