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New building on Technischer Handel Brummer premises:

Logistics center meets the highest requirements

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The specialist dealer


An Austrian specialist in roller bearings headquartered in Ebensee am Traunsee, thb has been synonymous with top quality and first-rate customer care since the company’s inception in the year 2000. thb is a solution-oriented manufacturer and an independent supplier of roller bearings, turned parts, and components. With extensive knowledge of production and delivery options in global markets, this Salzkammergut-based company always finds the optimum solution for its customers. 

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Tier design using META HIGH-CLIP tier shelving enables optimum utilization of reserve space.

Project details

Object: New logistics center
Size of warehouse: 900 m²
META products installed: Three-tier META HIGH-CLIP racking system
META MULTIPAL pallet racking system

The task


As the old thb warehouse was distributed across three sites within a radius of 10 km around Ebensee, the company logistics were extremely inflexible and complicated. Putting together a customer delivery often required a lot of time and unnecessary transport costs due to going round all the stores.
The warehouse had also developed a person-based logistics system, i.e., the warehouse staff knew the locations of the products and decided where to place individual items based on their experience. This system functioned largely without issues at first, but it became impossible to keep an overview as the size of the warehouse increased.
Not least due to the inefficiency of the logistics, engineer Holger Brummer opted to build a new warehouse and bring warehouse management together in a single location. The objective during planning was to be able to maintain a constant overview of the range while ensuring staff mobility. Automatic aisle lighting ensures that there is sufficient light when working in the shelving system.
The new logistics center has been designed to enable sufficient room for expansion and turning visions into reality over the years to come. Even now, up to 4000 tonnes of roller bearings can be stored in Ebensee.

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Engineer Holger Brummer (owner) and Edwin Zellner, Area Manager for META Austria

Customer statement


“I am responsible for safety in my warehouse. It makes perfect sense to me to use all technical measures possible to ensure the safety of our staff,” says engineer Holger Brummer in clarifying his position on responsibility.
“The great thing about the work at thb was the fact that the building was planned around the warehouse, i.e., we as planners had no architectural limits”, recalls a pleased Edwin Zellner as he looks back at the productive cooperation.